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Boulder Parks and Recreation Facilities Needs Assessment, Boulder, CO (2001)
We worked with the staff of the City of Boulder in preparing a parks and recreation facilities needs assessment.  This involved a comprehensive inventory of all the city’s recreational facilities as well as outlying communities, school district, and private facilities. An analysis was completed of class registration and center usage to determine recreational program usage and deficiencies. A benchmark analysis of similar communities and the GIS service area analysis determined park and recreational guidelines and revealed underserved areas within the community, particularly related to youth and senior populations.  The needs assessment identified future parks and recreation facilities, recreation programming needs, costs to construct, funding sources, and strategies to implement the plan.

Tucson Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan 2010, Tucson, AZ (2001)
We have served on the consultant team to prepare the update of the Tucson Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan 2010.  We prepared the needs assessment for the plan, involving a digital inventory parks and facilities database, compiling demographic information from Census 2000 information, and preparing a GIS service area and gaps analysis on the City’s existing parks and facilities.  An analysis was completed of class registration and center usage to determine recreational program usage and deficiencies.  We developed recommendations for the number and location of new parks and facilities to satisfy the City’s future population needs, developed costs to implement, and identified funding sources.

University of Arizona North Campus Library Master Plan, Tucson, AZ (2005)
CommunityByDesign developed the space programming and site plan for a 54,000 square foot new Library building on the University of Arizona campus.  The process involved focus groups with the surrounding College Departments and multiple user groups.  There were several building recommendations and site considerations such as an Information Commons utilizing state of the art technology in information retrieval and display, interactive mediums, and accessibility for distance learning. The site incorporates pedestrian circulation, green building features and an outdoor courtyard space.

Santa Fe Public Library Community Needs Assessment/Master Plan, Santa Fe, NM (1999)
Charlie Deans was the principal and project manager to prepare the needs assessment and long range facilities plan for the Public Library system in Santa Fe.  This project includes an extensive community outreach program, including a resident telephone survey, as well as a GIS analysis of demographic and population trends in determining future library needs. The project resulted in identifying future library programs and building locations, as well as implementation strategies, funding sources and technological advancements necessary to move the Library system into the 21st century.  We were also was selected as part of the design team for the new Library Branch that was a result of the Master Plan recommendations.  Public participation process included focus groups, resident telephone survey, interviews with community leaders and stakeholders, and a community workshop.

Tucson Therapeutic/Adaptive Recreation Center Master Plan, Tucson, AZ (1992)
Charlie Deans was the project planner in developing the Tucson Therapeutic/Adaptive Recreation Center Master Plan.  Our role was in developing and conducting the public participation program, focus groups, researching adaptive recreation facilities and equipment, developing the needs assessment, and assisting in the programming and site planning.  One of the outcomes of this effort was research on state-of-the-art facilities and production of a slide show for presentations to user groups.  This planning process resulted in strong support from the disabled and able-bodied community for a Center that could serve the broad and diverse needs of both populations. 

Scottsdale Parks, Recreation, Library, and Social Services Facilities Master Plan, Scottsdale, AZ (2002)
Charlie was the principal in charge/project manager for the City of Scottsdale’s Master Plan that incorporates all of their community services of parks, recreation and libraries into an overall, integrated service delivery system.  Community facility guidelines were developed and a GIS service area analysis by population growth and age groups was prepared.  The master plan identifies underserved areas of the community and recommends new parks, recreation programs for targeted populations, and community facilities with costs, funding sources, and implementation strategies.  Public participation included focus groups of youth, sports, intergenerational, and non-profit organizations; resident telephone survey (515 residents) on satisfaction levels and participation rates; interviews with community leaders and stakeholders on issues and opportunities; and community workshops at dispersed locations and times. The City received the NRPA 2004 Gold Award for its parks and recreation system with support of the Master Plan.

Los Alamos Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment, Los Alamos, NM (2004)
Charlie Deans was the principal in charge/project manager who prepared the needs assessment for the Parks and Recreation Divisions in Los Alamos County.  This process involved an extensive community outreach component and a technical GIS demographic/service area analysis to project future needs.

Village of Jemez Springs Community Center, Jemez Springs, NM (2001)
Charlie was the project manager who oversaw the preparation of a Master Plan for a new Village Community Center. The 4 acre site, along the Jemez River, will house a new Community Center with an outdoor performance area, perimeter trail, river nature park, and parking. The objective is to establish a new village center that will increase the tourism economy for the community and create a gathering place for residents.

Boulder Valley School District Athletic Facilities Master Plan, Boulder, CO (2004)
We prepared an athletic facilities assessment of the school district’s athletic facilities through site assessments and field reconnaissance.  We determined participation rates and school enrollment projections to develop future facilities needs and implementation/funding sources for the school district.

Pima County River Parks Master Plan, Pima County, Arizona (1997)
Charlie was the principal in charge/project manager working with the Pima County Flood Control District to provide a comprehensive Master Plan for the Pima County River Park.  The study area for this project consisted of over one-hundred miles of river corridors, entailing five major waterways within Pima County, Arizona.  The project involved development of a classification system Design and Construction Standards for future river trails development.

City of Show Low Civic Center Master Plan, Show Low, AZ (2002)
We conducted a two-day community design charette to establish the community’s vision and Master Plan for property the City recently acquired for a City Facilities Campus.  The preferred land uses incorporated a new Main Library, City Administration offices, Teen Center, and Civic Plaza/outdoor performance area. 

San Juan River Restoration and Trails Master Plan, Bluff, UT (2000)
Planners Ink prepared the River Restoration and Trails Master Plan for the Bluff Historic Preservation Association, a non-profit conservation organization.  Residents of Bluff, Utah expressed the importance of preserving various historic and archaeologically significant sites, enhancing the San Juan River corridor, and protecting their unique character while accommodating tourism and economic development. Through the efforts of the planning process, the association will receive grants and funding to acquire development rights and construct a river trails network to maintain the natural and cultural qualities of their environment

Honey Bee Village Archaeological Preserve Master Plan and Implementation Plan, Oro Valley, AZ (2005, 2007)
This Master Plan established the boundaries and preservation strategies of a 1400 year-old Hohokam village.  The plan identified passive interpretive uses and the security/management plan for the preserve.  The Honey Bee Village Archaeological Preserve Implementation Plan examined strategies for implementing the Master Plan.  Materials and design concepts for the development of the preserve and interpretive materials were developed in consultation with a 15-member working group.

Gallup-McKinley Trails and Open Space Master Plan, Gallup, NM
We prepared the Master Plan for the City of Gallup to create a world-class biking and hiking trails system that will serve the residents (e.g., Safe Routes to School Program) as well as increase their tourism development.  The Trails and Open Space Master Plan process included a community survey, focus groups, and community meetings.  Proposed trails and pathways were mapped and classified according to Trail Guidelines that were developed with assistance from the NPS River and Trails Assistance Program.

City of Scottsdale Community Parks Service Areas