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New Mexico MainStreet Urban Design Associate, 24 MainStreet Communities, NM
CommunityByDesign is the Urban Design consultant for the New Mexico MainStreet program in the twenty-four communities participating in the Program.  We are responsible for streetscape development, community planning and design charettes, pedestrian enhancements, alternate transportation modes and design features such as signage, way finding, promotion and integrating public art.


Clayton Downtown Master Plan, Clayton, NM
CommunityByDesign, acting as the New Mexico MainStreet Urban Design Associate, worked with the Town of Clayton, New Mexico and Clayton MainStreet to develop a Master Plan for Downtown Clayton.  Issues and opportunities in the historic downtown were identified through a master planning charette and meetings with residents, town staff and officials, property owners and Clayton MainStreet.  Catalytic projects designed to stimulate revitalization efforts and attract private sector reinvestment into the downtown were identified.  The plan highlights opportunities to preserve and enhance Clayton’s unique character and provides implementation steps to achieve the community’s vision.


Rio Nuevo Redevelopment Master Plan Update, Downtown Tucson, AZ
Rio Nuevo is a 62.5 acre brownfield property owned by the City of Tucson and approved by the City of Tucson residents to utilize the State’s tax increment financing (TIF) for funding.  This property is a significant large tract of vacant land adjacent to existing historic neighborhoods and to the downtown Tucson business and art’s district, the Tucson Convention & Community Center and access to Interstate 10.  The site is the birthplace of Tucson and the longest continuously inhabited community in the United States.  Various goals have been stated for the site and all have included respecting the historical and archaeological significance onsite.  We updated the original Master Plan with a number of new uses, including an Entertainment Arena, UA Science Museum and additional residential and mixed use developments under public/private partnership agreements.

Sawmill/Wells Park Community Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan, Albuquerque, NM
CommunityByDesign worked with the non-profit organization Sawmill Community Land Trust (SCLT), the City of Albuquerque Planning Department, and four neighborhood associations to prepare a metropolitan redevelopment plan for a 500 acre area north of Albuquerque’s Old Town historic area and south of I-40.  The planning process involved a 50 member Stakeholder Group and a three day community workshop/charrette.  The site is a brownfield area with a mix of residential and warehouse uses and the historic site of the Albuquerque original Sawmill facility.  Several recommendations from the plan are being implemented, including making amendments to the Sawmill Sector Plan, related to economic development projects and revitalization of the existing neighborhoods.

Los Candelarias Metropolitan Redevelopment and Sector Plan, Albuquerque, NM
The design approach was to weave comprehensive sustainable development into the master plan for the Village Center.  The project incorporated best practice principles of sustainable development, livable communities, and new urbanism to foster economic stability, social interactions, pedestrian orientation, and create a “sense of place” through building and plaza placement.  This, combined with agreed upon environmental principals and attention to the cultural values of the area, led to the creation of a “village center vision” as a framework for the ultimate redevelopment of the area.  The Village Center Plan resulted in a Los Candelarias Sector Plan with zoning entitlements that supported live/work residences, mixed use retail/residential developments, pedestrian enhancements and design guidelines.


5th/6th Street Livability & Corridor Plan, City of Tucson, AZ
The 5th/6th Street Livability & Corridor Plan investigates livability and circulation issues and opportunities along 6th Street.  The roadway is a 7-mile east-west corridor traversing the central area of metropolitan Tucson.  The objective of the study is to develop an action plan to improve the circulation and quality of life along 6th Street for residents, businesses and institutions.  Extensive community outreach involves several public forums and monthly meetings with a citizen’s corridor advisory group (representatives from businesses along the corridor, adjacent neighborhood groups, historic and bicycle organizations and the community at-large).  Our role focused on the urban design and livability elements of the project.  This has entailed analysis and integration of the various existing land uses and zoning along the corridor and the visual assessment for the three alternatives developed by the team.

San Vicente Heritage District, Silver City, NM (2006)
CommunityByDesign worked with the Town and community members to develop a vision for the revitalization of this long neglected historic area on the San Vicente Creek.  Working with community members, potential uses were identified. A conceptual plan for the area was prepared based on the opportunities and constraints of the site and the community’s desired uses.  Recommendations for implementing the plan were developed.

Rio Nuevo Redevelopment Master Plan Update, Downtown Tucson
, AZ